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Reloadable Shell Kit – High Flying Aerial Device

Rockets are high flying aerial devices that come on a stick with a variety of colors, effects, and report. Each rocket comes on a wooden stick and can be lit from bottles, firing devices, tubes, and a variety of other methods. Rockets are the highest-flying device in consumer fireworks with some of them reaching over 250 feet. They come in variety packs with some having as many as 150 rockets per pack. Rockets are perfect for July 4th celebrations, birthday parties, gender reveals, backyard displays, and any other get together regardless of how big or small. Rockets also come in shape patterns like cubes, rings, and smiley faces. For people that have larger budgets, likes aerial shows and/or louder noises, buying a variety of rockets in combination with 200 gram cakes, 500 gram cakes, firecrackers, mortars, reloadable shell kits, roman candles and other aerial devices are the best route to put on a huge backyard display.